Family Law

Legal domestic issues


Divorce/Separation Proceedings • Marriage Contracts
Custody Issues • Representation in Juvenile Court

Family law deals with situations concerning domestic issues such as marriage, divorce, annulment, alimony, parental responsibility orders and property settlements. more details can be found here It can also be set in the arena spousal abuse, legitimacy, adoption, surrogacy, child abuse, and child abduction. In some cases, attorneys agree not to represent their clients in court should the parties involved decide to litigate their differences before such point.

Family problems in general present certain challenges that are built into the law and reflect the reality of a crisis in a person’s most intimate relationships. Because Michigan law recognizes that simple rules will not cover all cases, most of the legal guidance you’ll get from the statutes tell you more about the factors that will guide a judge’s decision than about what to do. You need to define your own objectives, your own priorities, and the most effective steps you’ll need to take to achieve your goals.

Family problems in general present certain challenges that are built into the law

Another challenge is that most people will experience emotional turmoil at least at some point during a family law case. A big part of an attorney’s job is to prevent the emotional dynamics of a situation from interfering with effective decision-making. At Biretta & Associates, P.C., we help people figure out what a good outcome will look like under the circumstances of your case and then develop a strategy to achieve that result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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